Tom Hutchens | Atalo Holdings

Tom Hutchens

Chief Research Officer, Atalo Holdings, Inc.


Tom Hutchens has 30 years experience in seed research, development and production and brings expertise, knowledge and international recognition to Atalo Holdings. From 1980 through 2012, Mr. Hutchens became vice president of F.W. Rickard Seed Company in 1980, then became president from 1989 to 2012. Hutchens led the Company to become the world’s foremost burley tobacco seed breeder, controlling 85-90% of the world’s certified burley tobacco seed market. After the sale of Rickard Seed to U.S. Tobacco in 1998, Hutchens became director of the agricultural seed company, Profigen LLC.

Mr. Hutchens personally holds a recognized patent for the air curing of burley tobacco to reduce tobacco specific nitrosamines, the cancer-producing elements of cigarettes. Tom has served as President of the Kentucky Seed Improvement Association, Inc. and as President of the Kentucky Turrets Syndrome Association.