Joseph W. Hickey Sr. | Atalo Holdings

Joseph W. Hickey Sr.

Director Corporate Relations, Atalo Holdings, Inc.


Joseph Hickey’s long history in the hemp industry started in 1994 as the founder and Executive Director of the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative. Mr. Hickey and Woody Harrelson established Tierra Madre, LLC in 1994 to focus on identifying and funding innovative technologies supporting environmental sustainability. Mr. Hickey was a founder and board member of both Kenex Ltd, Canada’s first commercial hemp seed and fiber processing company and Prairie Pulp & Paper, which produces environmentally friendly paper made from Canadian wheat straw waste. Mr. Hickey is a founder and acting CEO of Baswood, a company that developed a new disruptive technology for wastewater treatment. He managed the construction of Baswood’s first commercial wastewater treatment plant in 2013 for Dr. Pepper in Houston, Texas. In 2014, after more than 20 years of lobbying and research efforts, Mr. Hickey became a founding member of Atalo Holding, Inc.

Hickey is a member of the board of the Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation and the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association.