Atalo Holdings | Review by LibertyCBD - Atalo CBD Helps Chronic Headache Sufferer


From:  Tina B. August 2017

I have suffered with daily headaches for over 15 years. No one has been able to explain my headaches and the medications don’t do a thing for the headaches. After talking to Rhonda about her experience with CBD oil, I decided to try it. The CBD oil takes my headaches away! I don’t have to take ibuprofen or anything else for the headaches. I sleep better and feel more rested in the mornings. I’m so glad I decided to try it! I’m headache free for about 2 months now! 

NOTE:  Atalo makes no claims or recommendations about CBD use.  However, we love to hear and convey YOUR stories about your CBD or Superfood experience!  Thank you for sharing.

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from: LibertyCBD July 2017

Hello Kyle,

We received the Atalo products and everything looks great!  I’m trying the vape carts right now and I will keep you posted on feedback on the balm and capsules.

Thank you so very much for the stellar shipping times from your end!

I had an excellent conversation the other day with Tom Hutchens. He is a wealth of wisdom and a true gentleman!

It’s rare to find such honorable folks like yourself and the Atalo team!

Talk soon, Mark

“Bringing real healing to the people”