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Public/Private Research Partnership Announced

Posted on September 19, 2016

University of Kentucky and Atalo Holdings Announce Public/Private Hemp Research Partnership

 Los Angeles, Calif. – Atalo Holdings, Inc., a hemp research, development and processing company based in Winchester, Kentucky, announced a partnership with the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment (UK) that seeks to improve yield of both CBD and grain from agricultural hemp. The announcement was made during the World Cannabis Congress and Business Expo in Los Angeles.

“The partnership will begin with research projects focused on both feminization and anti-shattering of seed, which will improve the economic viability of hemp,” said Dr. Ling Yuan, a professor in Plant and Soil Sciences at UK, and research director of the Kentucky Tobacco Research Development Center.

“UK is renowned for scientific expertise and are leaders in their field in this kind of research,” said Tom Hutchens, Chief Research Officer at Atalo’s Hemp Research Campus. “Getting a major university committed to researching hemp as an essential crop will help the crop move toward greater return for the grower.”

The partnership will seek to improve the male to female plant ratio. Doing so could allow farmers to plant a hemp crop that produces all male plants or all female plants, depending upon their market. Male plants are better suited for fiber production, and female plants are used for seed and cannabidiol production. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid used in food and dietary supplements for consumer health and wellness benefits.

In another study, the partnership will look at potential ways to control shattering to keep seeds on the plants longer. Currently, seeds on a hemp plant will ripen at different times, and many seeds drop to the ground before they can be harvested. Finding a way to control shattering would increase a producer’s yield and in turn, their bottom-line.

“The UK CAFE agreement with Atalo is a great example of a public university/private sector partnership in which both parties benefit,” said Rick Bennett, the college’s associate dean for research and director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station. “It will enhance the development of an emerging industrial hemp industry in Kentucky, resulting in economic opportunities and new uses for a historical crop.”

“The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment provides excellent leadership in the study of hemp as an addition to Kentucky’s agricultural output. Atalo Holdings has followed their lead at our Hemp Research Campus,” said William Hilliard, Atalo Holdings’ CEO. “We’ve been actively researching the characteristics of hemp seed varieties for planting, harvesting, processing and commercializing fiber and grain crops. UK’s team of world-class researchers has a long history in working in crop science at the highest biochemistry level. We look forward to working with the University to benefit both Kentucky farmers and consumers.”

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