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California Ag-tech Company Announces New Processing Facility in Kentucky

Posted on June 15, 2016

New York, NY: Genius Extraction Technologies (GET), a plant-oil extraction company from Lake Arrowhead, California, announced today a strategic alliance with Atalo Holding, Inc., an ag-tech research and development company specializing in industrial hemp. GET offers a highly sought after full-plant extraction system and is opening a facility at Atalo’s Hemp Research Campus in Winchester, Kentucky. The announcement took place at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in New York City.

According to Genius Extraction’s CEO, Brenna Gaither, preliminary setup and testing has been in progress since March 2016 and now the alliance is finalized. “We are excited to be working in Kentucky with Atalo’s talented and forward thinking partners,” said Gaither. “In March, we began Phase One to install a small batch industrial processing facility at the Hemp Research Campus that included installation of the Genius Chilled Ethanol Extraction System. The first goal of 35 lbs of raw plant material per hour has been accomplished and Phase Two is well underway with the goal of producing 100 lbs. per hour by this fall’s harvest, when we’ll process more than 200,000 lbs. of CBD-rich hemp for Atalo and their subsidiaries Super Food Processing and KentuckyCBD.” Genius Extraction is investing $400,000 in the facilty, according to Gaither.

“Their core business is developing cutting edge essential oil processing equipment,” said Atalo CEO, William Hilliard. “Like Atalo Holdings, Genius Extraction is continually pushing the current boundaries of agricultural technology to provide the highest quality available to our customers and industry partners.”

Kentucky’s Hemp Industry Creating Jobs

The facility, which includes chillers, filtration systems, reactors, rotary evaporators, short path distillation, vacuum ovens and Shimadzu analytical equipment, employs four people now and will add four more positions in the fall.

Atalo’s Hemp Research Campus is also home to their two subsidiary companies, Super Food Processing, LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of high nutritional value hemp-based foods and KentuckyCBD, LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of hemp-based cannabidiol products. Atalo Holdings and its subsidiaries have created 10 new positions at the Hemp Research Campus and expect to expand in the fall.

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