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Atalo Unveils Certified Victoria Seed and Scalable Agronomic System

Posted on September 14, 2017

Kentucky Hemp Producer Unveils Certified Seed and Scalable Agronomic System as Demand for Hemp Products Increases

Lexington, KY: Atalo Holdings, one of the nation’s largest permitted hemp producers, unveiled their certified Victoria seed variety and a scalable agricultural system for hemp production at a visit to their operation during HIACON, the Hemp Industries Association’s, 24th annual national conference.

“As demand for hemp products increases, we’re focused on consistency and quality – predictable results from grower to grower and from seed to consumer,” said Atalo chairman, Andrew R. Graves. “For the past three years, we’ve been working with our statewide growers, researchers, partners, academic institutions and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to combine the Victoria seed variety with an agronomic system that can scale accurately, while maintaining consistency and quality. Our growers have been willing innovators, dedicating their time, labor and acreage. Now, farmers using this system can scale accurately to meet increasing demand.

Tom Hutchens is Atalo’s Director of Research, with more than 30-years experience in seed research, development and production. “It starts with quality seed and our proprietary Victoria variety is certified worldwide by the American Association of Seed Certifying Agencies. Victoria is an internationally pedigreed seed that, when used in the proper agronomic system, can yield both CBD and grain with unique qualities and traits, while being scalable and farmer friendly,” Hutchens said. “Our partner, John Baker, recognized the value of CBD in 2005. The Victoria variety has undergone extensive testing and has a solid base of breeding genetics.”

Mark Wright, CEO of LibertyCBD of Arcata, California, uses Atalo’s Kentucky-grown hemp products. “Our motto is: Do right by people and they’ll do right by you,” said Wright. “We received the Atalo products and everything looks great. I had an excellent conversation the other day with Tom Hutchens. He is a wealth of wisdom and a true gentleman. It’s rare to find such honorable folks like the Atalo team.”

Benny Webb farms tobacco, beans, and corn in Kentucky and is a member of the Atalo Growers’ Group. “We had a good yield after making a few adjustments for Mother Nature and our hemp gave us a good return,” said Webb. “Farmers need another crop in our rotation and in my experience the Victoria seed and agronomic system can produce a quality product. With this system, and the adjustments we can make, we’re ready to scale up to meet demand and in fact we’ll be scaling up next year,” he said.

Atalo is a consortium of experienced hemp farmers, seed specialists, researchers and international partners operating at the Hemp Research Campus in Winchester, KY, an area that was once referred to as “the Hemp Capital of the World.” The company has grown to 27 employees and a Growers Group of 75 farmers and 150 employees. According to Atalo CEO, William Hilliard, “Our mission is to bring hemp back into the rotation as a successful cash crop for our statewide growers and to deliver a consistent, Kentucky-grown product to consumers everywhere. This is a mission of rural economic development, beneficial to the farmers, the processors and the public. We enjoyed the opportunity to introduce our Victoria seed and our agronomic system to hemp industry professionals from around the world at HIACON.”

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