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LISTEN to this 11-minute introduction to hemp farming for 2019


2019 is here and ATALO is poised to begin a successful hemp season.  The Atalo Growers’ Group is the heart and soul of our company, the driving force behind the evolving industrial hemp industry.  We pride ourselves on being farmer-centric and working with the finest growers in the nation.  The unique Atalo System is an agronomic system that focuses on low-input, low-risk hemp farming.  We boast three models for growers to choose from based on their individual farming operations. 

As states across the nation enter the industrial hemp world, Kentucky is proud to be leading the way.  Atalo is the most experienced hemp company in Kentucky.  Our foundation is built on growers who are active in production agriculture.  With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, opportunities are exciting for industrial hemp.

REQUIREMENTS to be an Atalo grower:

  • Become licensed through your state’s department of agriculture or regulating agency
  • Grow a minimum of 5 acres of industrial hemp
  • Have access to basic farming equipment (tractors, planters/setters, tillage equipment, and ability to dry your crop)
  • Provide a strong labor force

 POTENTIAL BENEFITS for growers contracting with Atalo are:

  • Contracts for one-year and five-years are available based on experience
  • Participation in Kentucky’s largest marketplace is assured by Atalo’s alliance with GenCanna
  • Education and training provided by Atalo’s experienced hemp experts
  • Instruction for growing transplants and/or clones
  • Three growing models are available best suit your farming needs (seed, transplants, clones)
  • Strategies for our farmers to use their current infrastructure
  • Low-input, low-cost models
  • Competitive contract and pricing
  • Coming soon – a grower web portal to be used for reporting, education, podcasts, and milestone information

Atalo will be hosting contracting and agronomy meetings in 5 locations to better suit travel needs of growers.  NOTE:  No pricing or contracts will be released until the meeting dates.

Growers who intend to contract with Atalo are required to attend one contract meeting and one agronomy meeting.  You can choose which meetings and locations best suit your needs.  If you need to attend a contracting meeting in one location and an agronomy meeting in another location, that is perfectly fine. 

Please RSVP to Joyce at 859-559-4550 or with which meetings you will attend.

January 29, 2019       Tuesday         6PM-9PM      Contracting Meeting           Christian Co.  Extension Office

January 30, 2019       Wednesday   9AM-12PM    Agronomy Meeting             Christian Co. Extension Office

January 31, 2019       Thursday       6PM-9PM      Contracting Meeting           Green Co. Extension Office

February 1, 2019       Friday            6PM-9PM      Agronomy Meeting             Green Co. Extension Office

February 4, 2019       Monday         6PM-9PM      Contracting Meeting           Laurel Co. Extension Office

February 5, 2019       Tuesday         6PM-9PM      Agronomy Meeting             Laurel Co. Extension Office

February 7, 2019       Thursday       6PM-9PM      Contracting Meeting           Clark Co. Extension Office

February 8, 2019       Friday            6PM-9PM      Agronomy Meeting             Clark Co. Extension Office

February 11, 2019     Monday         6PM-9PM      Contracting Meeting           Maysville Community & Technical College (Crockett Auditorium)

February 12, 2019     Tuesday         6PM-9PM      Agronomy Meeting             Maysville Community & Technical College (Crockett Auditorium)

Christian Co. Extension Office:  2850 Pembroke Rd. Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Green Co. Extension Office:  298 Happyville Rd. Greensburg, KY 42743

Laurel Co. Extension Office:  200 County Extension Road London, KY 40741

Clark Co. Extension Office:  1400 Fortune Dr. Winchester, KY 40391

Maysville Community & Technical College:  1755 US 68 BUS  Maysville, KY 41056

Now is the time to be planning.  Please keep in mind it is vital to coordinate with neighboring hemp farmers to see which model they intend to grow.  Atalo requires a 5 acre minimum commitment from growers.  It is imperative that a crop planted with clones or feminized seed is not planted within at least a 5-mile radius of a crop containing seed/males.  Atalo will source your planting materials or assist you with growing your own transplants.  Atalo will disburse clones and feminized seed based on geographical feasibility. 

All licensed growers in Kentucky and Tennessee are welcome to attend these meetings.  If you have a neighbor who you would recommend as a quality, licensed grower, please feel free to invite them as well. 

We look forward to working with each and every one of you.  Atalo’s future is very bright and we are excited to have you become a part of the Atalo Growers’ Group!  Please don’t hesitate to contact Atalo with any questions pertaining to these meetings.

Rhonda Cornett

Manager of Grower Communications