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Become an Atalo Member Farmer! Our growers are the heart and soul, the driving force behind the resurgence of hemp as an agricultural commodity. Atalo is authorized by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) to help farmers become hemp growers. Our growers are participating in the KDA’s mission to research seed varieties, agronomics, processing and marketing channels for hemp-based products.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has certain requirements in place to become qualified as a hemp grower. Those interested should carefully read the Policy Guidelines and Deadlines HERE.


Atalo is interested in growers who are active in production agriculture.  Farmers who have prior experience with grain, tobacco and/or horticulture are excellent candidates for growing hemp.


Prior to growing any hemp you must have a valid license issued by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Growers will need the following to raise a successful hemp crop:

  • If you plan to direct seed, you will need a precision planter.
  • If you plan to transplant you will need trays, soil, seeder, a head house space, overhead watering and protection from birds and/or varmints.  You can set your plants with either a tobacco setter or a water wheel setter.
  • Cultivating tractor
  • Strong labor force who will be willing to seed and/or set, chop weeds, pull male plants, top the crop, harvest, dry and strip the crop
  • Drying space: this can be in tobacco barns.  1 acre tobacco barn room = 1 acre hemp drying space
  • Drying barns or other methods of drying that will ensure a dry, un-molded crop
  •  Stripping space.  This can be done mechanically or manually.  It is much like tobacco stripping
  • Storage for your crop once you strip it will be in large totes or bulk seed bags.  You will be responsible for clean dry storage until Atalo is able to receive your crop.


Hemp is a new, promising agricultural industry that can yield a grower financial returns similar to a good tobacco crop.  The industry has great benefit to those who use CBD and hemp products.  It is a crop that growers will be able to to incorporate into their farming enterprises for many generations to come.


Atalo offers innovative agronomic support and certified seed.  We have developed a low risk/low input cost model and have various growing models to fit your individual needs.

We believe that, by working together, we will reestablish Kentucky’s reputation as “The Hemp Capital of the World™,” benefiting our farmers, processors, distributors and entrepreneurs. Kentucky is leading the movement to restore hemp as a cash crop. By selecting Atalo as your mentor and processor we can provide leadership in research development and commercialization of industrial hemp.

If you have questions, please contact our Manager of Grower Communications.

Rhonda Cornett

Grower's Group - Atalo Holdings